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Author Topic: Society Builders - The Novel Edition Kindle Edition  (Read 9 times)

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Society Builders - The Novel Edition Kindle Edition
« on: October 30, 2018, 02:10:15 PM »
Available on Amazon (we are unable to link to Amazon)

The decades leading up to the year 2052 could be summed up as dramatic. Foretold issues have come to pass, causing the foundation of society to profoundly change. But in the last fifteen years, nothing has had more of an influence on civilization than technology. The creation of computer-organic-hardware has revolutionized the world like nothing before it. The impact has reshaped beliefs, cultures, religions, and the way everyday life is lived.

Jason is an old-fashioned guy living in a “progressive” day that has little time for him or his friends. Bothered by the decaying conditions of the city he lives in, disturbed over the policies of an intrusive government, saddened by a species losing its identity to technology, and convinced that devious minds are to blame for everything, Jason opts to make a difference. But soon after a relationship begins to deepen with a co-worker who’s immersed in the technology he loathes; does he start to question his own identity and desires. It’s not until a mysterious man enters the fold with an ultimatum that will forever change him and the world he knows, that Jason remembers his original but secret intent.

"I am certainly guilty of not giving enough away in my blurbs, but that's only because I like to surprise you. I hope that talking (writing) to you in a more relaxed interview like setting, that you'll get a better grasp of what kind of story this is. Society Builders is a complex but fun piece of work that deals with all the human emotions, like love, anger, hopelessness, etc. It also deals with the changing times on a social level, and how things like politics, climate change, wars, disease, and other things of that nature will affect humanity as the decades pass. Then, of course, there is the entertainment and action part of the story (my specialty) that I feel is blended in there just right to keep things on edge and moving. The 'who can you trust, who can you believe' factor also adds to an already suspenseful atmosphere. I believe the novel will be categorized in the genres of science fiction, action, and thriller. But there are two love stories in it. One is obviously more beautiful than the other, but there are two. I don't imagine, at first glance or from the first few pages, that people will see how real the plot is in this futuristic tale. I think the reason for that is because it's really hard to see beyond the 'now.' So I would caution the reader to really take things in, and maybe try and take it more seriously at first, like 'Could this really happen? Could this actually be one of infinite possibilities?' Because if you think of the phone you hold in your hand, and how much of an impact it's had on your life, I think you will see this is a very logical outcome to the not too distant future. And there lies one of the love stories. If you love phone technology now, how much more will your children love it in the future as new ways are adopted to make them closer to it. What do I mean by that? Well, I don't want to spoil the plot. Read up! You'll love the fast pace of, Society Builders." - Anthony Puyo

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