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More liberal violence…
A video released on Sunday shows far left actor-comedian George Lopez attacking a Trump supporter outside a Hooters restaurant in New Mexico.
Lopez grabs the man’s phone and then grabs the man’s neck.
Oops! Hillary Clinton Swoops In to Save Sen. Menendez’s Campaign — CRASHES INTO GARAGE PILLAR! (Video)

Odds-N-Ends (Youtube) / Re: E-cigarette Fails Compilation
« Last post by Donna Lynn on Today at 11:29:50 AM »

I vape. There is nothing that doesn't F up from time to time in this world... still vaping is better than garenteed cancer from cigarettes. Also if you don't know what you are doing when working with a vape, yes, you can F up for real. Smoked cigs for about 36 yrs, I'm sticking with the vape.
Livestreams / Antifa vs Proud Boys with Keith Campbell (Proud boy)
« Last post by Donna Lynn on Today at 11:03:49 AM »
Conservative Books & Reviews / Fight Club Audiobook
« Last post by Donna Lynn on Today at 10:33:40 AM »
Globalism & the Elite / The Dangerous Tribalism of the Ruling Class
« Last post by Donna Lynn on Today at 10:16:02 AM »
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